Lamar and I Got Tattoos

Lamar & I Got Tattoos Hi dolls! Anticipation you all had a fabulous weekend…I certainly did!  Saturday night Lamar and I were eating at sundown Plaza and I just said, “Let’s goes to Tattoo Mania! I want a tattoo!” I believe the greatest tattoo experiences are the spontaneous ones, because that way you are not merely left with the tattoo, but an wonderful memory to go along with it!

Lamar & I Got Tattoos I’m certainly a believer in tattoos as long as they are considerate and have important meaning, which all of mine do. On my wrist I have “I love you” in my father’s writing and on my lower back I have a cross tattoos design and angel wings with “Daddy” written above it in respect of my father and now that I have my husband’s initials “LO”. Tattoos are anything you’ll have for the rest of your life so it is significant to get one that truly intends anything to you.

Lamar & I Got Tattoos When we were at dinner design artist I just knew I required a tattoo for Lamar in the web of my hand and then once we got to the shop we resolute on acquire each other’s initials. I love how my tattoo flows with the one I already have. it is particular to me, which is why I think it is worth it when it be a symbols of anything or somebody that is significant to you.
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